Reviewing Estee Lauder’s collaboration with jewelry designer Sabyasachi

Reviewing Estee Lauder’s collaboration with jewelry designer Sabyasachi

What colors come to mind when you think of India? The phrase, ‘Pink is the navy of India’ came to mind when I saw the new collaboration between jewelry and fashion designer Sabyasachi and Estee Lauder. The partnership launched a limited-edition lipstick collection of 10 shades that retail for $63. It is interesting to see beauty and jewelry collaborate. Estee Lauder has worked with Monica Rich Kosann on bejeweled compacts.

Purchasing a lipstick

When I saw the lipsticks, I decided I would splurge on one. Recently I’ve been getting into vintage beauty and buying lipsticks. I picked the Devi Pink to purchase. That color was the only one I found unique to Estee’s regular lipsticks.

It is too bad Sabyasachi … Read the rest

Jewelry Business Look Back Series: Gemvara

A year ago this week, an online jewelry store announced it business was ending not at the end of the month or week but that day. Gemvara, an online jewelry store started in Boston, was a hot new company in the early 2010s due to proprietary technology that created your custom piece through CAD design in real time. Imagine following them and seeing this posted:

Gemvara Last Instagram Post Text

This was dated February 13,2023. Jewelry stores closing is nothing new, but this story is interesting in that it tried to have no inventory of jewelry and started entirely online. With my experience of going to school and living in Boston for a time I got a chance to see this company from about the … Read the rest

Jewelry in the Movies: Looking at The Divorcee (1930)

With summer in full swing, I was hoping there would be some summer movies to look forward to seeing, so far nothing looks that good. As I wait and see what else comes to theaters, I am watching movies online from places like Turner Classic Movies. I recently watched The Divorcee with Norma Shearer and Chester Morris who play a young married couple with a new age thought of equal roles until the husband cheats on the wife. Throughout the movie I saw how jewelry, specifically the rings the wife wears add an extra detail to the story. This had me think of analyzing this movie and others where jewelry takes on a major role.

This movie released in 1930 … Read the rest

How Marvelous was Mrs. Maisel for Amazon?

How Marvelous was Mrs. Maisel for Amazon?

This is the first weekend in about 2 months that I have not had a new episode to watch of Amazon’s the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I got interested in it when it premiered in 2017. The show had 2 subjects I loved breaking into stand-up comedy and vintage fashion. Where there is vintage fashion there is vintage jewelry. The show was a success among critics with over 200 Emmy nominations and 80+ wins but after 5 seasons the show ended. I’m going to share my opinion on the show regarding marketing for Amazon and how you can embrace trends that may further your business.

Fashion and Funny

The premise was a 1950s housewife that found comedy due to her husband … Read the rest

How I am remembering Betty White at 101

“Does desire melt away with age? I’m waiting for that day to come.” Celebrating what would have been Betty White’s 101st birthday on January 17 by starting off with a quote of hers. Before the new year, a year had passed since Betty White left this life. She was a part of so much entertainment history it was hard not to feel a sense of loss at the news when it happened. I loved her most in the Golden Girls series but as years went on I loved her attitude about life.

Instead of immediately looking back at her death I wanted to remember her at a happier time like her birthday and go over how I came to … Read the rest

Summer Wedding Season Kicked off by Britney Spears

As June ends and I look back on the month one event that made the summer feel more normal was a celebrity wedding! Sam Asghari and Britney Spears were wed on June 9th. What I love about this wedding is it was both Sam and Britney’s wedding. Pictures with them together and separate with highlights of the little touches that made their wedding special I want to highlight the jewelry for the wedding and how the jewelers used this to display their product. I also want to show the increase in interest of this event that needed to mentioned sooner rather than later if you are marketing.

Wedding Jewelry

The 4-carat round brilliant engagement ring was by Forever … Read the rest

What would Faberge have Tweeted?

I took a break from blogging and then wasn’t sure what to write as a big piece to return to. Would it be addressing the past or focus on an industry issue? I had drafted something and left it. Returning to my blog this piece still holds up with a few edits. Please read on as I address both.

After seeing so many from the jewelry community sharing their political preferences over the past 18 months, I took a break from the online writing as I thought about what course I want to take for my blog and future aspirations. Over that time, I had a post pop up in my feed from a designer I follow and whose pieces … Read the rest

How Jewelry Businesses are Branding Wrong

With more time inside I have been looking at articles about what the future of the jewelry industry and retail will look like. The articles and videos I have seen have almost dreary existence for retail. In an earlier post I mentioned some of the changes stores like Nordstrom were making to adjust to the pandemic. What I have found to be troubling is that these are short term trends and how people are interpreting them and applying them to their brand is misguided. I will look at a prediction from the past and see how you should evaluate it for your brand.

McKinsey published a trend report for the jewelry industry on Feb. 1, 2014 titled, ‘A Read the rest

Brand Awareness: 365, A Year of Cartier

Brand Awareness: 365, A Year of Cartier

I have enjoyed the online lectures and Instagram Live talks by designers, but do you look and say I wonder if that will help my business? It might but there are other ways to advertise that can be just as effective with out having to compete in this industry. I like the online videos but came across something from Cartier that I found refreshing an online magazine you could download called 365, A Year of Cartier. Cartier addressed the stay at home order the world was facing and decided to let you read about what is happening in its company at your leisure. Here are some aspects that I liked about the magazine that might be good for you … Read the rest

Tiffany & Co reopens some stores: How will Jewelry Stores adapt over the Summer?

Looking online at jewelry is about all I have been able to do in this state of confusion and uncertainty about the retail environment. There is concern for all aspects of life currently, but I am focusing on the Retail Industry in this post. Even if you want to order online you probably get the notice of delayed shipping. The questions that I see again and again are: When will the stores reopen? When can things return to normal? What will be the new normal? Those answers will vary depending where you are, but we can get an idea of some of it for the retail world by looking at the news and stores that are reopening.

Stores Reopening

 I … Read the rest