How I am remembering Betty White at 101

“Does desire melt away with age? I’m waiting for that day to come.” Celebrating what would have been Betty White’s 101st birthday on January 17 by starting off with a quote of hers. Before the new year, a year had passed since Betty White left this life. She was a part of so much entertainment history it was hard not to feel a sense of loss at the news when it happened. I loved her most in the Golden Girls series but as years went on I loved her attitude about life.

Instead of immediately looking back at her death I wanted to remember her at a happier time like her birthday and go over how I came to find a piece that will be a good reminder of her moving forward.

It began with hearing about Betty’s items being auctioned in September, I wanted to think about what piece I would like to own to remember her.

Julien’s Auction did a wonderful job with the catalog. It was a massive 3 book set that I treated myself to. In it, it showed the pieces for auction but also how Betty last displayed them in her house. Items like art, sea glass and seashells caught my eye.

Betty White Needle Work
Needle work displayed in Betty White’s home
Photos of Sea glass and Seashells displayed in Betty White’s home

The jewelry came later, several pieces caught my eye like Betty’s wedding ring to her second husband Allen Ludden.

I really liked a sapphire ring that came with several photographs of Betty wearing it throughout her life. The ring was by Erwin Pearl and sold for $10,240, far above the estimate of $600-$800.

Erwin Pearl ring with Sapphires and diamonds owned by Betty White
Betty White wearing Erwin Pearl ring with husband Allen Ludden

As you could guess I was not going to attempt to bid on this auction, I have for others but haven’t won one yet, maybe that will change in 2023! I noticed several pieces by Erwin Pearl were in Betty’s collection, so I started looking into seeing if the company was still in operation. I found it was still selling pieces and I decided to find one to remember Betty by.

I looked through several categories and saw a pair of clip earrings that mimicked shell pieces. They were modeled after some pieces the designer found on his beach combing walks. Betty and her husband were mentioned as also enjoying walks on the beach picking up seashells and sea glass, a favorite hobby of mine too! So, I purchased them.

Earrings I purchased from Erwin Pearl

These earrings had a beautiful phrase etched on the back that I found fitting as a tribute to Betty. Engraved at the bottom it says ‘Treasure Life’ . In Betty’s photos and in her time on earth she seemed so grateful for everything she had regardless of how much time she had with her experiences and loved ones.

Engraving ‘Treasure Life’ near bottom of my earrings

I plan on trying to improve my outlook and work towards bettering my experiences. I had a lot of changes in my life last year as many of you reading have probably experienced too. I thank all of you for reading my blog I continue to think of ways to improve my content and reach to better the experience for those online. Please return soon to read more on my 2023 plans!

I will leave you with one more photo of Betty and her true loving enjoying life!