How I am remembering Betty White at 101

“Does desire melt away with age? I’m waiting for that day to come.” Celebrating what would have been Betty White’s 101st birthday on January 17 by starting off with a quote of hers. Before the new year, a year had passed since Betty White left this life. She was a part of so much entertainment history it was hard not to feel a sense of loss at the news when it happened. I loved her most in the Golden Girls series but as years went on I loved her attitude about life.

Instead of immediately looking back at her death I wanted to remember her at a happier time like her birthday and go over how I came to … Read the rest

Tiaras: A Returning Trend?

Is the tiara making a comeback?

Another way to look at tiaras is to ask when did they go out of fashion? What is the history of the tiaras comeback? I just finished a short book titled, Tiaras: Past and Present by Geoffrey Munn, the book was published in 2002, making the present part of the book less up to date. This is a great start to the history of tiaras.


The reason I am looking at the trends for tiaras is due to a magazine I subscribe to. I mentioned in my August post that fall magazines were something I looked forward to in starting the season off. So imagine my delight when I saw the cover of my … Read the rest

For Retailers: Three Ways the Year of the Monkey can become the Year of the Millennial


For many ringing in a New Year starts on January 1st. For those that are interested in Asian culture or follow the Chinese calendar, the Chinese New Year (the Year of the Monkey) starts this week. So my question for retailers, have you made any business resolutions? If you have put your plans for the New Year in action then great! What is your plan for reaching millennials? You need to have a separate strategy for the different demographics that you hope to interact with in your store and online. Millennials and how to reach them are a common focus in the news and though out the retail industry. So how can you improve your message to refocus … Read the rest

Faberge A Life of Its Own- A look at the history, the art and the business

When you think of the name Faberge, what image comes to mind? An imperial egg created for the Russian Royal family is a common image brought to mind when mentioning this famous jewelry house. The first images in the movie, Faberge: A Life of Its Own, took the viewer to an abandoned and run down house near Saint Petersburg. There were no diamonds, enamel or gold to view as the viewer got to understand the real meaning and splendor of Faberge.

The house belonged to the Faberge family. The family fled going abroad during the Revolution that overturned the Russian Royal family. The house was vandalized as those that stayed behind looked for anything of value to sell. Before the … Read the rest

Experiencing the World of Jewelry and Watchmaking as a student at L’ÉCOLE Van Cleef & Arpels in NYC

lecoleL’ÉCOLE Van Cleef & Arpels has finished its two week program held in New York at the Cooper Hewitt Museum. I attended a two part class on Saturday June 6th entitled, Discover the Gemstones and Recognize the Gemstones. I have never taken any of the courses offered in Paris and was thrilled for the opportunity to experience this world, closer to my own. I’ll look at the people, the gems and the education on how to better understand gemstones.

The staff that greeted me, got me signed in quickly and directed to a room where I could get some early refreshments and start to talk with other students. These students were not all in fashion or jewelry design, … Read the rest

Iris: A look at the Lessons given in Iris Apfel Documentary

I didn’t give a damn about going to the party or being at the party, it was getting dressed for the party.~ Iris Apel

In the new documentary Iris by the late Albert Maysles, Iris’s blunt and honest statement summed up her philosophy on life and her fashion sense. Life is the journey not the destination.

Iris was told from an early age that she wasn’t very pretty. A comment that would drive many woman to seek alternative methods to achieve ideal beauty, but not Iris.

For women lining up to see this fascinating documentary, the take away is not dress differently to be fashionable but dress for you. If it looks good and feels good that should be … Read the rest

Hollywood Glamour visits Beantown: A look at Fred Leighton’s jewels on display at Dorfman Jewelers

These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of. ~George Eliot

The jewelry on display spoke volumes of the beauty, fun and extravagance that comes with donning these phenomenal works of art. The display of jewelry was cased in glass on a stand that also had a picture of the celebrity wearing the piece and a marker of where the event was at that the celebrity wore the item. The CEO of Fred Leighton, Greg Kwait was there for the event. The event held on April 14, 2015 drew in a number of socialites who either knew of the brand or were there in support of the newly renovated Dorfman Jewelers in Boston. Dorfman has … Read the rest

The Magic of Movies Part 2: Product Placement in Movies and the Impact on the Consumer

The last post looked at items inspired by a movie, another way movies can have an effect on retailers is by making movies a way for consumers to window shop. There are plenty of examples of how certain retailers handled the interest in their product featured in a movie. I have photos from items that were featured in a film. You can try and guess the film then scroll down for the answer.


Movie products 1: Hint these were featured in films from the 80’s

In the last post I looked at how the movies Disney creates can be used to help inspire a smaller business in its relationship with a product. Disney creates movies keeping in mind the revenue … Read the rest

The Magic of Movies Part I: Incorporating Retailers Best Practices in Engaging Public Fantasy

‘Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood.’ – Walt Disney

Movies can and should inspire the audience to look at life differently. Most can relate to seeing a movie as a child and taking the characters and stories with you. You dreamed… You imagined…You felt good.

The Movie Industry has had a long relationship with the Jewelry Industry. Getting jewelry on a celebrity is a big plus to marketing and branding that company. As a retailer there are other ways to have Hollywood be an inspiration to your business. The Walt Disney live action film Cinderella has hit the silver screen and everywhere … Read the rest

How to Adjust Your in Store Experience as an Assist

I frequently go on Facebook to keep up with what my friends are doing, as many people do. I also go on to see what jewelery stores and designers are up to. Several weeks ago I went online and saw this message and photo from Chopard.

The message reads:

Take a break from the cold, and stop by Chopard New York to try on this stunning hybrid of Tanzanite and Tourmaline ring.












It’s a beautiful looking ring and when I went to New York last week I couldn’t help but take Chopard up on their offer. I really wanted a photo of my own but at the time I wasn’t … Read the rest