Do you consider yourself more right brained or left brained? I love both math and jewelry, those are interests that don’t go together given the categories just listed. They should, given that there is math found in art. Symmetry is one item found in nature where a lot of inspiration for art and design comes from. For example, even though no two snowflakes are alike they share the common form of being symmetrical. Pictures have what’s called golden rectangles, where the proportions have been test and found to be aesthetically pleasing. Then there is architecture, the pyramids, which uses geometry in its design, etc.

Symmetry found in Snowflakes
Golden Rectangles in the Mona Lisa (source: Wikipedia)
Pyramid outline using triangles found in Geometry (source: Wikipedia)










So why is the jewelry industry not harnessing more insight into their business with the power of math (specifically data and analytics)? The way in which I am using this blog to combine math and jewelry, is by looking at the analytical side of the jewelry business. There is a lot a data out there; some is useful, some not so much. The key for any business is finding the right data to understand your customer and the industry trends affecting your business. This is where the name of my blog comes in; you need to find the ‘Data in the Rough’. I have experience as a Business Analyst in the Retail Industry. I will be looking at different aspects of the jewelry and accessories industry. Data is everywhere but sorting through the noise can be a challenge, let us see what undiscovered gems are hiding in the world around us!