Summer Jewelry Books- 2019 Edition

As people plan vacations, I look at what interesting books are out that I can read over my summer. I periodically check Amazon to see what books are coming out.  I have 5 picks for summer jewelry books that are coming out this summer or came out less than a month ago.

History is something I have always enjoyed learning about whether it is about a person, place or time period. I have read several books on Faberge and what I love about how people write about the master jeweler is all the techniques and details.

Books focusing on Techniques and History

Looking at Jewelry by Susanne Gänsicke & Yvonne J. Markowitz -June 18, 2019

This offers explanations of jewelry terms. The book is geared toward jewelry makers, students, scholars but for anyone interested in a more in depth look at the methods and materials this is one to check out.

Jewels and Jewelry by Clare Phillips– May 21, 2019

As a fan of tiaras and royal history (mostly British) this is a great introduction to one of the finest jewelry collections at a museum. This book looks at examples from the Victoria and Albert Museum. The contents are divided into three parts: materials, chronology of style, manufacturing and distribution. That last section is of interest to me, I love learning about the supply chain of an industry.

Nubian Gold: Ancient Jewelry from Sudan and Egypt by Peter Lacovara & Yvonne J. Markowitz– July 9, 2019

This is a topic I don’t know as much about. I admire the designs of David Webb and Suzanne Belperron who were inspired by ancient gold techniques. A background and history of the area that these treasures come from would be a new world for me to explore.

Fiction Read

The Amazing Adventures of Aaron Broom: A Novel Paperback by A. E. Hotchner – June 11, 2019

Not everyone likes reference books all the time. This looked like a fun summer read the first line of the description caught my eye, “Twelve-year-old Aaron Broom is protecting his father’s car from repossession when he witnesses a jewelry store robbery gone wrong.” It turns out the father of the boy is accused. Aaron must seek out the real criminal by coming in contact with gangsters, diamond deals and more to clear his dad’s name. The story is set in St. Louis which is near my hometown so another bonus for that!

Book about the Jeweler

The Art of the Jeweler: Excellence and Craftmanship by Guillaume Glorieux– June 10, 2019

This book is put out in partnership with the Lecole des Arts Joailliers, place Vendôme in Paris. I blogged about my experience with the Lecole of Van Cleef & Arpels when they came to New York. The book looks at major design houses like Cartier, Boucheron, etc and the craftsmen behind this beautiful art. It is also under $20!

Bonus Read

Carnet by Michelle Ong by Vivienne Becker & Joel Rosenthal (Forward)– June 11, 2019

I saw this book at Christie’s for an event held around the time of the Spring auctions. The jewelry of Michelle Ong a Chinese designer was breath taking! To have Joel Rosenthal the creator of the famous JAR jewels is a good indication this is a designer to watch.

What did you think of my list? Are any of these summer jewelry books on your reading list? I know I can’t own them all, but I think I will start with the Art of the Jeweler! If you have suggestions, please comment below! If you are an author or distributing of any of these titles and would like to send me a copy email at ! Thank you and happy reading!

Summertime Jewels: Analysis of Sotheby’s Online Auction

Summertime Jewels: Analysis of Sotheby’s Online Auction

Summer has its moments but I’m excited for the Fall auction season to begin! While I wait there are a few auctions happening now. I ran across an article the other day on Sotheby’s website about their Specialist Picks: 10 Stand Outs from Jewels Online. The jewels on auction belonged to Marjorie S. Fisher. For this post, I want to look at a few key points to learn more about the items on auction. Look at Sotheby’s top picks and then give you 5 of my favorites.

The auction as a whole

What to know:

  • 99 lots total
  • 18 are marked by a designer
  • 81 do not have a designer identified with it
  • Over 60% are estimating to sell between $5,000 -$12,000
  • Range of estimates $3,000-$60,000

Graph breaking down the types of jewelry by count of lots.

The biggest surprise is that only 1 ring is for sale. A colored diamond ring that is a top pick of Sotheby’s. Not sure if that is intentional or not. Besides that, the variety is very good in my opinion. Mrs. Fisher had an amazing collection so it is not hard to pick a great piece from all the options. So let’s see what the specialist picked!

Sotheby’s Picks

A nice variety of pieces but a little heavy on the diamonds and price. Two of the picks are estimating to go as high as $60,000 (the 2 lots at the end, 96 & 99). It is a good start for building a solid collection but Mrs. Fisher had some fun pieces that should also be considered.

My Picks

I went for more warm colors. It is summer! Corals, citrine and gold caught my eye. The Michele Della Valle coral and diamond necklace (lot 2) is all you need with a great summer dress to go out for evening events. My favorite piece is at the end, Lot 40 the Egyptian inspired ruby, emerald, sapphire, enamel and diamond brooch! Very unique even among Mrs. Fisher’s items.

The auction ends tomorrow so bid now! If you saw another item that you really liked but is not listed above please comment below and return soon for more Data in the Rough!