Shirley Temple Blue Diamond at Auction

When seeing a movie besides the story and actors I pay attention to the jewelry shown. A favorite scene of mine is from the movie Bright Eyes starring Shirley Temple and James Dunn. (pictured below)


Close up of the ‘magic’ ring…



Dunn tells Shirley that this ring is a magic ring. If she ever needs him, she just needs to send the ring and he will come right back for her.

Well Shirley Temple had another ring that is up for auction this week. It is nothing less than spectacular it is an almost 10 carat deep blue diamond. As a fan of her work, I had to make the trip to New York to glimpse at this piece of history. What I got was a step back into old Hollywood and remember not only the star she was but the amazing person she continued to be long after her final movie.

I walked up to the fine jewelry department at Sotheby’s Auction House and was greeted to the red carpet treatment as I entered to find the blue diamond on display with videos and quotes on Shirley Temple Black’s life.




She had an amazing career, serving as a U.S delegate in the 60’s and Chief of Protocol of the United States in the 70’s.

The blue diamond was a gift from her father around the release of her new film The Bluebird in 1940.


It was quite a treat to see the diamond and learn more about her life’s story. I will finish with a line that James Dunn says to Shirley in Bright Eyes when she mentions how pretty a lady he knew looks. He looks at Shirley with a serious tone and says, it’s not enough to be pretty here (points to her face), you need to also be pretty in here too (and points to her heart). I believe Shirley was both and I am grateful for being able to see her films that taught the values that would make you pretty inside.


If you have a favorite film of Shirley Temple’s, please share below! Also, come back for more looks at the auctions held this week!

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